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e-Boomerang 2001 - Special: Ed Kam.

Door: Ed Kam
Recently I have received some material from our 'big' friend Ed Kam, Athabascan member from 1957 to 1967. I remember him, the wee fellow, from my first year with the scouts (1966/67), but he cannot remember me. Ed, now in his early 50's, is married to Marian and has 2 boys (20 and 23). He has his own business named comb, an administrative service bureau in Tilburg. Ed was recently contacted by Ad, who pointed him to the Athabascan web site and the Electronic Boomerang. Our correspondence has resulted in Ed sending some photos and memorabilia, some of which I have placed on this page. Thanks a lot Ed!

Amongst Ed's Athabascan memories are those of his father helping with the decorating of the Passar Malam (1959) in Salem (he probably made the Nasi too), Henk Siepel (meneer Siepel to some) and the 'ammunition stove', a positive ID for Rurik Pos on the 1957 Defilee photo and also the trip with Rurik, een van de Bolle's and Harry to the 24-hour race in Spa-Francorchamp (1967). On the way up in Harry's Fiat 500 and hitchhiking back. He remembers the garage ('honk') on the Trompenberg and another place the cubs were based before they went to the 'Diependaalse Kerk'. Ed believes it was somewhere near the Regentesselaan in Hilvesum (can anyone remember more about that ? ... reactions here please). Also the army-jackets, his Davy Crockett (1786-1836) hat, Gert Heckman's pukkel, the Hoorneboeg darts incident, Harry (who was Ed's big friend in those days), Jonkheer Robert Polman Tuin, bike accident in Otterloo (1966) and the presentation of a 'wine rack' to Nico Berkelaar and his wife on their wedding day (1967?)

1958 Athabascan Cubscout Investature (Trompenberg): Below a series of 9 photo's following Ed's cubscout investature in January/February, 1958. (view sequence from left ro right and from top to bottom) ? The ceremony starts with Akela Binnendijk calling her cubs from the 'jungle' (1) and forming a semi-circle around the rock (raad-rots) on which she is standing (2). Ed, in the mean time, is waiting in the club-house (garage) (3) from which he is taken by his den-leader (gids) (4), in this case of the white den (nest wit), and brought in front of the cubmaster (Akela) (5). He is asked to make his cubscout promise in front of the pack, holding his left hand on the pack's totem (a pole with a wolf's head and a large bundle of camp-trophies and other memorabelia) (6). Ed is then presented with the groop's necker (groepsdas) & toggle (dasring), name badge and den badge (white felt triangle which is usually given to him by his den-leader) (7)(8) after which he is cheered three times by the pack (usually throwing their caps in the air with each cheer) as a full member.

We have an Athabascan cub membership list from 1 October, 1960, the period that Ed was well established in the cubs. It lists the following cub-scouts (alphabetical): Martin Berkelaar, Dick Bos, Wim Bos, Peter van Breevoort, Jaap Buning, Huib Gresel, Juul Guttinger, Folkert van de Horst, Remy Hovingh, Kees de Jong, Eddy Kam, Dick Kam, Jan van der Kolk, Wim van der Kolk, Albert van Maanen, Rurik Pos, Gerlof van Seters, Henk Siepel, Henny Visser, Helmer Wieringa. The Staff consisted of Akela Riet Binnendijk, Bagheera G Wijbrands-Simons, Raksha T(inneke) Guttinger and Hathi P van de Beek. If any of you are in this list ... could you please drop me a line. You may end up with a page like this. He cannot remember Jaap, Folkert and Gerlof, but does remember the rest.

Some material received on the 26 March ... these are all from a cubscout camp in Otterlo (does anyone know the year?)

Some material received on the 29th March ... these are all from a cubscout afternoon on the Hoorneboeg names 'Jacht op verre buit' held on Saturday, 15th April, 1961 (thanks Henk). See also Boemerang 6. Any further information please drop me a line.

Some material received on the 3rd April ... these are all from a 1960 cubscout summercamp in Leersum. The camptheme was knights ('riddercamp').

Some material received on the 17th April ... three of these are from the 1967? WaFeGoPa in the swimmingpool at the Kapelstraat in Hilversum. The other three are from the 1967 Scoutcamp in Ommen (vlottentocht).

Some material received on the 17th April ... these are shots from the 1967 trip to Spa-Francorchamp with Ed Kam, Fred Bolle and a brother, Ruud Pos and Harry Wulffraat.

Some material received on the 20th April ... these are all from the Athabascan Boerenkoolfuif January 1967/8, held in the 'bovenzaal' of the 'Diependaalsekerk". This is the lot as far as Ed is concerned, but what a way to finish off. Great material Ed. Have a look, spot yourself and then ... please drop me a line.

Some material received on the 23rd April ... Some are from cub summercamps (locations and years unknown), one is Christmas 1967?

Some material received on the 9 May, 2001 (the last envelope) ...

Ed is over de jaren een goede stamgast geworden bij Oudbruin en zijn bijdragen ebben zowel verheldering als verwarring gebracht, maar altijd met glimlach en een zekere ondeugendheid. Die recepten van je vader gebruiken we nog steeds Ed.

Voetnoot: Dit is de originele engelse tekst van 'The Electronic Boomerang' website. Deze website, voor de 2001 Athabascan reŁnie, was grotendeels in het Engels.

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