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e-Boomerang 2001 - Archief: 8 maart - 15 april 2001.

Door: Kees van Wessel
Dit is de 1e archief bladzijde van 'The Electronic Boomerang'. Het geeft een boeiend overzicht hoe één en ander begon en groeide. Het prille begin van Oudbruin. Alle links zijn verwijderd, maar het materiaal is hier en daar opgenomen in deze versie van Oudbruin-2.

15 April, 2001 ? Dat was wel een heel leuk weekend. Gisteren 12 uur achter elkaar zitten bomen and vanmorgen een paar uur door het archief bladeren. We zijn nu redelijk op de hoogte van elkaars bezigheden. Het is wel duidelijk dat de organisatie van de reunie in goede handen is en al uw gegevens vertrouwelijk worden verwerkt. Het is ook wel gebleken dat het karakter van de groep weinig is veranderd, ook al is het enigzins aangepast aan de tijd. Nu zitten de heren weer op de boot terug naar Nederland. Heren Remkes, Brouwer en van de Heuvel, enorm bedankt voor dit gezellige weekend (dat moeten we nog eens over doen). Ook nog bedankt voor warme hap, de verassingen en de potjes 'Grachtengroen'. Foto's volgen nog. Vandaag even gesproken met Rob Beukers (groetjes Rob, komen wel eens op de koffie) en gereageerd op een paar mailtjes van Helmer en Dirk Wieringa. Er bestaat een goede kans op een 'Familie Wieringa Special'. Frans dan ook even meedoen natuurlijk? Morgen gaat alles weer gewoon in het Engels, da's toch wel even makkelijker! Tevens nieuw vandaag een aardig artikel door M. W. Jolles over de geschiedenis van het huis op De Hoorneboeg. Plaatjes volgen nog.

14 April, 2001 ? 13:20 ... We're awaiting the 2 Marco's and Gijs! It's been a dull morning with a strong wind, but the sun is trying to break through. Their campsite is ready and we're looking forward to an 'intense' 24 hours. Because of the Foot and Mouth problem, there's not much we can do off the beaten track, but we'll think of something. There isn't much time anyway, shame ... as I had hoped to take the lads to Glen Ettive for a day (and night) in the Scottish hills. Some other time perhaps. Further news to follow. 1973 is now completed in the Who's Who.

11 April, 2001 ? It has been pretty quiet on the front, but things are on the move again. Spotted Dinko de Groot and Hugo Tieland in the Guestbook and, of course, our good old Ed has been active ... located the dad of Klaas Seldenrijk (ex Rudyard Kipling; 1949-1953) and his son Klaas Seldenrijk himself. Also J. Postma (ex Rudyard Kipling) and Eddie Camfferman (1959-ish). More Brownie points for Ed. We have moved into the 1970's on the Who's Who, it's moving slowly, because I'm quite busy at the moment, but keep comin' back. There's the promise of many more songs collected by Henk Siepel, we'll keep that warm. Want to do something usefull ... make a donation to the Batavia-Werf. Henk has been involved with the building of the 'Batavia' since 1986 and is currently working on the 'De Zeeven Provinciën", the flagship of De Ruyter. They can use your money folks! Please Note ... the Members List in Hilversum has been updated today! 325 known addresses and almost 500 names. A further 80 letters were sent out.

7 April, 2001 ? 1962 to 1969 are added to the Who's Who. That's the 60's done (although there are a few minor sources I haven't looked at yet). If you have any dated documents showing names of members which are not listed here ... please drop me a line.

6 April, 2001 ? After locating Hans van Woerkom (Ed) we also have his brother Rob van Woerkom. At that rate (one a day) we'll be fine ... but it gets harder! We need your help!

5 April, 2001 ? 1960 and 1961 are added to the Who's Who. More to follow. NEW today ... Meneer Siepel's Songbook (thanks for sending that material Henk ... great!). The latest Members List is also online today. Thanks for keeping it up-to-date Guys! Located by Ed ... Carl Dekker (late 60's early 70's) ... probably one of the best swimmers we've ever had. Welcome to the 'Athabascan Antiques' Carl.

4 April, 2001 ? Henk Siepel Special Now on line and worth a read (photo's still to follow). Located by Ed ... Chris Borra (1957-1963).

3 April, 2001 ? New series of photographs (Summercamp 1960 Leersum) (the last for the moment) sent by Ed are now on-line. Yesterday more members were located by Harry (including Piet Bolle, Hans den Uyl and Joop Verwey, plus possibly some more to come). Ed has also located the address of Willem van Kooten (see bottom of page), perhaps he (Joost) can organise Golden Earing ('Radar Love' and all that) for September (just kiddin'). Diederik has also been spotted in the Athab Guestbook. The first material from Henk Siepel has come through and we hope to get a Henk Siepel Special on-line soon. It's in Dutch too!

1 April, 2001 ? Update: Just had a closer look at Ad's effort ... I count 42 unknown addresses completed, 25 addresses confirmed (some of which were most likely provided by Ad), 9 new names not listed at all (+ addresses). Well done. Hans van Veen (Heidepark Archive) may have found the address of Vaandrig Benno Scholtens (not confirmed) and another van Woerkom clan. He also pointed out a few errors on this page (thanks Hans). First of the Athabascans: Just analysed some of the data on Hans van Veen's website. I have been filtering out all the Athabascan and Rudyard Kipling members and placed them in 'membership' order. Among the very first Athabascan members are Jan van der Kolk (1st Hopman; was Celliers-Athabascan-Rudyard Kipling; member 1940-1954), Jet Karman (Celliers-Athabascan; member 1945-1947). Tiny van Eyk (1st Akela, married Jan van der Kolk; Celliers-Athabascan; member 1945-1947), Wim E. J. van Beek (Ten Boom-Rudyard Kipling; member 1945-1951), Hans W. Schouten (Athabascan-Rudyard Kipling-Celliers; member 1945-1954), Gerard Hogenbirk (Celliers-Athabascan; member 1946-1950), Cootje den Dulk (Athabascan; member 1947), Gerard Rigter (Athabascan, member 1948), Simon-Jan Rigter (Athabascan, member 1948, probably in Canada according to Ad), Corrie Pol (Athabascan, member 1949), Bart van de Valk (Athabascan, member 1949), Corrie van Eij(c)k (Athabascan, member 1949), Arnold Rooijakkers (Celliers-Rudyard Kipling, member 1949), A. F. E. van Ancum (Rudyard Kipling, member 1951-1952), Bob van Walderveen (Rudyard Kipling-GZ, member 1951-1955), Harry Hogenbirk (Athabascan-Rudyard Kipling-Celliers, member 1951-1971), Dhr.? Toonen (Rudyard Kipling, member 1952), Riet Binnendijk (Celliers-Athabascan-GZ, member 1952-1954), Wim J. van Kooten (Celliers-Athabascan-IP, member 1953-1962), Nico van Beek (Athabascan-IP, member 1956) and Dick H. van Tellingen (Celliers-Athabascan, member 1959-1965). The date brackets are van Veen's based on archive info. Some may be incomplete, e.g. Riet was in the Athabascan well into the 70's. Members marked in yellow have been located. Can anyone help find the others.

31 March, 2001 ? Who's Who ... starting with the period 1947-1959, these are all the documented and dated references to the names of members in the Athabascan archives here in Scotland. 1960-1969 to follow next. Just received a great email from Ad ... he's traced another 50+ addresses, 1970-1980 and older members. Too many to mention ... just a few: The Alma brothers, Martin Berkelaar, de Blijenberg's, Gert Heckman, de Henzepeter's, various van de Kolk's, Peter Kop and Max Kramer, Prins and van Putten, Sylvia Scherpenzeel, Bram Sluis, de Sprey's, Nico den Uyl, de Vogelsang's (hi guys), Waarle, Wenting and de Wieringa's, Ed and Edwin Zijp and Dirk van Zoelen.Great show ... and there's more Ad may be closer to the origin of our name Athabascan. Watch this space this man is serious. Ed has found Hans van Woerkom ... so we should have Rob soon. All this means that by now we have well over 300 up-to-date addresses, the most complete list to date. I have done some quick calculations and it looks that there will not more that 500 or so people that have been member of the Athabascan, unless someone out there can come up with a better estimate (Gert ... is this your domain?). We have some 450 names on the list so we can't be far from having a complete name list ... getting all the addresses is another matter. Perhaps we sould send address lists to old members, so that they can call around to their 'contemporaries'. This is all to do with communication and in 2001 that shouldn't be a problem. It also takes guys like Ed, Ad and others to sit down and do the research. Not to forget the organising team (Gijs and Marco) in Hilversum, who pull it all together. Check that list and do your bit! Harry has given me some further information and foto's are on the way. Check out the Harry Special on the Electronic Boomerang.

30 March, 2001 ? New series of photographs sent by Ed are now on-line. Ed has been earning more points today. He found Erik Huizinga and brother Bob, meneer Henk Siepel and possibly a forth member (but that's to be confirmed). If you are an old member check the list on the Athabascan website and help, if you can, to complete the blanks, the unknown addresses. We're trying to get as many old members together as we possibly can. Make your contribution, please! I have been sorting some unfiled archive material tonight and I'm working on a who's who kind of list by working through the documents. It may take a while, but could be useful to find out who was member when you were. Keep watching this site.

29 March, 2001 ? Harry's material is now on-line ... and yes it's Thursday, not Wednesday, I'm sorry about that. There are some nice momento's from the 50's and 60's and an up-to-date portrait of the old master. Check it out on the Harry Wulffraat Special. More material is promised ... Just spotted Sjoerd and Rommie in the Athabascan Guestbook, good stuff ... have you signed the Guestbook? Why not ... tell 'm you're alive on the Athabascan Website (click on Gastenboek). More photo's from Ed just arrived (20.59) ... but you'll have to be patient. The thumbnails of the 'Greek Event' on the Hoorneboeg are now on-line.

27 March, 2001 ? Lot of correspondence today and new material from Harry. Ed has traced Robert Polman Tuin and Rurik Pos, but also added that Siem Pos, Rurik's father and ex-Athabascan Committee member, had recently died. The Athabascan Reunion 2001 organisers have confirmed their trip to Scotland over the Easter Weekend. The 2 Marco's and Gijs will be staying with us from 14-15 April. We're all looking forward to that. Let's hope we get some 'weather' too, it's been rather dull the last week. I'll try to get some of Harry's material on line on Wednesday (28th), inluding a drawing made by Robert Kam (Ed's father) during the Summercamp in Otteloo (1966) and a Camp Logbook cover from 1954. The early 'Boemerang' covers are already on line. Thanks Harry!

24 March, 2001 ? Quite a lot of stuff added to the Ed Kam Special pages. If you were in the cubs between 1958 and 1962, have a look and help identify old members. Just to show that non of this material goes on line without your permission the following from Ed: "You do wonders with it! My compliments! I think you make lots of money in your line of business. Je hebt precies verwoord wat IK met zo'n pagina zou willen doen. Nogmaals: te gek! En ik hoop dat ik je niet te veel werk verschaf, want als ze dit gaan bekijken kan er nog wel meer komen. Alles wat ik je stuur is voor publicatie, anders zet ik het er expliciet bij dat het alleen ter informatie is! Bij deze mijn volledige toestemming." Thanks for that Ed. And if you have material lying in dusty albums ... make your selection and send it to me, either by email or normal mail (I will return all you've sent asap).

20 March, 2001 ? An interesting conversation has developed with Ed Kam (thanks Ed). His Athabascan past (1957-1966) is coming back and he has gone through his memorabelia. I have placed some of this material on the Ed Kam Special page ... and there's more to follow. Harry has been back, but that was a more personal email. We'll do a Harry special as soon as I have received some material from him.

8 March, 2001 ? Ad just phoned, informing me about the reunion. He had been looking at the members list and is keen to trace as many 'unknowns' as he can ... and he will, I'm sure. It's been good to hear from some old members. Harry Wulffraat wrote to me the other day, he's fine and he promised to rummage through his photo albums. Looking forward to hear from him again. Harry was still involved with training unit of 'Scouting Nederland' in 1999 and I'm sure he's still playing bridge. Other interesting correspondence with Hans van der Veen about the early days of the group. The Celliers members list on his website makes great reading. I didn't know, for example, that my brother Henk was a member of the 'Spechten' patrol in 1953 together with Willem van Kooten ... the only original 'Joost de Draaier' of Radio Veronica. "... het 'Veronica huisje' op de Zeedijk ... Top 40 halen op Vrijdag middag of anders even bij Roos, de platenzaak, langs ... dan terug naar huis over de oude spoorbrug". Read up on Radio Veronica and Willem on the Media Pages.

Wez, that's moi, also started his scouting carreer in the Cellier group as did my brothers Jan and Wim. The Celliers cubscout hall (Geitenweitje), in the early 60's, was freezing. Going up and down on my scooter (read 'autoped') during the winter was not too bad, but after frollicking in the snow in shorts and knitted mittens there was little chance of heating up in that drafty place. Hence my departure to the warmth of the 'Diependaalse Kerk' in 1965.

Voetnoot: Dit is de originele engelse tekst van 'The Electronic Boomerang' website. Deze website, voor de 2001 Athabascan reünie, was grotendeels in het Engels.

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