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e-Boomerang 2001 - Archief: 19 april - 14 mei 2001.

Door: Kees van Wessel
Dit is de 2e archief bladzijde van 'The Electronic Boomerang'. Het geeft een boeiend overzicht hoe n en ander begon en groeide. Het prille begin van Oudbruin. Alle links zijn verwijderd, maar het materiaal is hier en daar opgenomen in deze versie van Oudbruin-2.

14 May, 2001 ? Good news ... Athabascan has won the RSW (Districts Wedstrijden) ... great show and well timed for this Reunion year. Old members ... wish them well and leave a message on the Athabascan Guestbook. En het is 'padvinders' Bart (heb je mooi gelijk in) en 'patrouille', geen capybara or paroba or whatever they call these large rodents.

13 May, 2001 ? All's very quiet, but we had a few lovely days here in Scotland ... I hope they had the same weather in Baarn during the RSW. This weekend we spent some time planning the Paris trip over croisants and coffee on the lawn, attending to the topiary in the castle grounds, painting the windows at the front of the cottage and other such routine tasks. The only things that happened on the website are a few added names to the latest Ed Kam pictures (thanks Henk and Helmer) and a map/reconstruction of the location of the Jacobus Pennweg Hordehol. This map is far from complete, so we need your help. Anyone reading this with a memory of the Jacobus Pennweg, please respond. Also (just added) a sitemap of the Regentesselaan Hordehol. Again, further details are most welcome! Found a few names between some scribles made in 1983 ... there may be some address leads as well. Marco and Gijs, I will send the addresses by the usual route. A. Stating is probably Arjan Strating, and the new names (not listed on the current list) are Pascal Fahlman and Johan Maters (invested as scouts on 26 February, 1983). Good Luck!

9 May, 2001 ? Issue 1/6 of the Boemerang (May, 1961) is now on-line ... thanks Henk, much appreciated. Also received some great photo's from Ed ... he 'overlooked one envelope'. Classics and they'll soon go online these are on line now!The lads in Hilversum had some trouble finding this page (or the site for that matter) ... if you find that you cannot access the site via ... try again a little later or go straight to If you do have problems, please let me know.

8 May, 2001 ? 2 more xmembers have been located ... Peter Keyzer and John Heuzeveldt ... thanks Reunion Team. Most of the Athabascan staff will be busy with the Regionale Scouting Wedstrijden (RSW) over the weekend. The RSW is what we used to call the 'Regionale Patrouille Wedstrijden' or probably better the 'Districts Patrouille Wedstrijden'. The latter no longer exists, it's only Regional and National these days. The RSW will be held (as usual) at 'Buitenzorg' in Baarn. Ed and I will be taking it a little easy for a while. Siepel is just back from his holiday, so there may be a chance of another Boemerang and some songs ... Jan is away for business (but has promised photographs as soon as he can find some time) and for the rest all is quiet ... very quiet ... too quiet! Anyway another 10 days and we'll be off the Paris for a week. We (Marjo and I) can both do with a break. We'll keep you posted.

7 May, 2001 ? Correction Please! Earlier I referred to Tiny van Eyk as our first Akela, however I was corrected by Marco van de Heuvel today. Tiny was the first female Akela, but our enigmatic Arend Zwaan was the first ever Athabascan Akela. Thanks Marco. The members-list in Hilversum was updated today ... 368 members on the list (70% of the 522 known names). How many more?

6 May, 2001 ? GREAT NEWS ... THE BOOMERANG IS BACK HOME IN HILVERSUM. Thanks to our own Athabascan IT specialists, the the Electronic Boomerang has come home. The whole site now lives on a dedicated Athab server in Hilversum. Bart van Laer (athab webmaster) and Marco Remkes (athab network consultant) have organised more than sufficient space for the site to grow. Since I was struggling to keep the site together it has made life a lot easier. Today I have ftp-ed the 25Mb to the Remkes Server and the DNS is pointing in the right direction. As of now the site lives at, but of course you can keep using the now well established Either way will bring you there. If you find any problems on the site (missing links and error messages) ... please let me know ASAP. May I thank our friends in Hilversum for their very generous contribution, space for another 1Gb of your (and my) memories. Of course I also have to report on Ed's Expedition to Hilversum ... he made a series of pictures of some of the 'classic' Athabascan stomping grounds (Jacobus Pennweg, Diependaalselaan and Hoorneboeg + a few at the current site). 47 in all, although there are 4 to follow. If you live in Hilversum, you can see all this life, but many ex-members live elsewhere ... so it's largely for their benefit. Watch this space. Again a special thanks to Ed, who has assured me that he drove the 200km just for the hell of it! Fantastic Ed ...

5 May, 2001 ? Please note: As from today the athabascan domain in 'Hilversum' (the official Athab website) has changed from '' to ''. All 29 links spread around the 470 pages on this website have been updated, but if you find a 'broken or old' link please let me know. (thanks for the info Bart!) Ed also met and spoke to Raksha I. Twilhaar yesterday. She was at the 1970 Cubscout Camp in Rijssen, a friend of Ilette van Silfhout and replacing Raksha Bolle, who was on holiday in Italy at the time (good for her). Now Raksha Bolle is not listed in the Reunion 2001 list in Hilversum (unless she changed name) ... it may worth asking Piet or Harry (could by their sis). Address of Raksha Tineke Kool-Twilhaar now known and Ed also located Hans Stekelenburg (period 1960-1969). Welcome back both of you! Ed was in Hilversum today to do some fieldwork. We're trying to establish some data on the old Jacobus Pennweg site. It's still not sure ... were we in the garage of number 17 or number 19. If we were in the one, the Celliers must have been in the other. However, the numbering has changed. 17/19 may have been one large double villa (Vincent Meys. 1979). This villa, belonging to Mr Ras, was destroyed, probably on 16th November, 1944, during a failed bombardment of the Wehrmacht HQ at the Trompenberg. Part of it is under the Krugerweg and the other the site of a new building (according to Ed's research today). Number 19 is currently more to the north. Maps to follow.

4 May, 2001 ? Good few days ... Jan van Offeren's 2 kilo's arrived this morning. A bundle of archives covering the period between 1973 and 1980. This overlaps largely with my own files, but there was some interesting cubscout material from 1975 (Jan was Bagheera van Offeren). In particular a list with names and addresses. New names (for as far as I can see) are Jeroen Terwoert, Albert Strating, Peter Redert and Kees van Houten. Also Raksha M(arjan?) van Putten is listed in this material. The bundel also included Jan's hike and some documents that I did not have. Also noticed that I was promoted vice-chairman of the Athabascan in 1976 (but that didn't add up to much). In the minutes of the group commitee (20 August, 1976) it reads 'door K. van Wessel wordt een Athabascan-archief samengesteld' ... it is this material that I use for this website. Many, many thanks for this material Jan! PS. Jan has also promised some photo's, including pictures of the 1979 'Athamagica' camp with the coffin and the hanging-scene? ... have to see that again. Also good news from Holland. Marco and Gijs went to see Tiny van Eyk (our first ever Akela). She had 12 new names (all cub scouts) and 7 of these have already been traced. The new names are Jan en Herman Meynen, Piet Jongema, Wim van Stokkum, Piet Dekker, Piet van de Hurk, Henk Schipper, Carel Rigter, Coby Boom (must be staff), Ans Wagter (must be staff), Jan Hartog en Herman Kruis. Our Athab Reunion 2001 researchers also received a photo-album with material covering the early years ... well done! Keep a look out on the Athab Website ... some of this material may come our way. Tiny also confirmed that the name Athabascan was first suggested bij Arend Zwaan (this corroborates Ad's information). He had read the book about 'Gebroken Veder' and 'Witte Bever' ... can anyone help to name the title of this book, possibly a Karl May Winnetou title (see als 24 April, 2001, below). Obviously all credit goes to Ad and the Reunion 2001 team for these re-discoveries. Footnote: I cannot find reference to 'Gebroken Veder' ... 'Witte Veder' is the second book in the 'Arendsoog' series written by Jan Nowee (1901-1958) and published before the war (that fits in) but may not be the book. The term 'weisser Biber' ('witte bever'), an indian name, does occur a number of times in Karl May's Winnetou II (original German text) together with the word 'Athabascan'. Winnetou II is still the best candidate for the source of our name. Can anyone contact Arend Zwaan and ask him (if he remembers). We now have the full sequence of 'honken/hordehol(l)en' with the last information coming from Marco and Gijs in Hilversum (and the first part from Ed). Here we go ... a.) Jacobus Pennweg (19?) (October? 1947 to June? 1959) ...12 years; b.) Regentesselaan (July? 1959 to November? 1960) ... 1 years; c.) Diependaalse Kerk (10 December, 1960 to mid-1989) ... 29 years; d.) Geitenweitje (ex Celliers) (mid-1989 to mid-1995) ... 6 years; e.) no clubhouse ... Gijs Brouwer keeps cubs going ... (mid-1995 to early-1996) ... 0.5 years; f.) Clubhouse tabletennis club 'Pokerface', Kolhornseweg (early-1996 to April 1998) ... 2 years; g.) 't Zakmes (new clubhouse Kolhornseweg, rowans and cubs) (since 18 April 1998) ... 3 years. This, of course, is the place where we will all meet on 1 September, 2001. We have a wee query with Vincent Meys's Centuurbaan 18 ... was that fiction or fact. Any further information about this, please let me know. Also ... where was the troop based between 1947 and 1952 ... Jacobus Pennweg? Aftwer the fusion with the Rudyard Kipling (1952) they were based at the Hoorneboeg!

2 May, 2001 ? The Who is Who for 1974 is now on-line. The members-list in Hilversum is updated again today ... 70% ... great result by any standard!

1 May, 2001 ? Quick update. Received a friendly email from Lies Linnekamp (oud stamlid van de Imhala Panzi, oud akela en groepsleidster Albert Schweitzer) who identified Rijk-Jan Sikkel on the 'Pedelaars Stamhut' picture on Henk Siepel's page. Please note ... you name hunters ... this is not an ex-member but part of a memory of an ex-member (thanks Lies). Also a nice letter from Jan (Remmert) van Offeren who has sent me 2 kilo's of stuff ... that looks like another special comin' up. Good to hear from Baf, we've got plenty good memories, many spilling into Scotland. He was the first Caan to come over to see us in Scotland, weird winter night under the Cobler, 'Suger Loaf Mountain' walk (Suilven), 'Big Bash', 'Eifel Expedition', 'poncho sleeping', flake-3, 1/4 of burb and the 'Lammermuir hike', 'Mamore Expedition', Ben Nevis in winter (and summer), etc. Thanks Jan, I enjoyed that, have to do it again some time. Ed and I have been going over the location and layout of the Jacobus Pennweg 'honk/hordehol' the last few days. Any further detailed information over the Jacobus Pennweg site (1947-1959) and the Regentesselaan site (1959-1960) are most welcome (memories, sketches, plans etc). For Marco ... Ed gives 10 December, 1960 as the date for the first meeting in the Diependaalse Kerk ... when was the last meeting?

28 April, 2001 ? Nice quiet weekend after a burst of activity to get on top of the backlog of work, Received some updates from Ed, Hans and Harry Hogenbirk (ex-Celliers) regarding the Henk Siepel Celliers pictures. Thanks guys!

27 April, 2001 ? Spent most of the evening preparing the Wieringa Brothers Special material ... the 33 100x100 images are now on-line the larger ones are to follow soon. Sorry Dirk, Frans and Helmer ... it has taken a while. Busy, busy, busy. UPDATE ... All 33 images are now on line. Early mail from Marco van de Heuvel (reunion man) pointing out that the tower on some of Ed's latest pictures was the Uilentoren in Leersum ... that was quickly confirmed and added to the site. Thanks Marco. A late mail from Ed on Wednesday promised the addresses of Rudy Schouten (weekend) and possibly Herman Wachters (address now confirmed). Ed was away on business today ... but he will continue his great quest to trace more 'ouwe knakkers'. A late mail from Henk Siepel with more pictures ... they will follow over the weekend. These 19 new pictures are now also on line (21:41).

25 April, 2001 ? Two more issues of the Boemarang (Issue 1/4 and Issue 1/5) are now on-line. Henk also sent another 50 songs (to follow) and some photo's and memorabilia (to follow). Henk's 54 new songs are now on-line (includes some Jaap Fisher repertoire). Many thanks for the work Henk! The members-list in Hilversum was updated yesterday ... 351 members on the list (69% of the 505 known names) and some still to follow. Henks material is now on-line (includes 'ARGO wandeltocht' memorabilia, camp Velzen and Loenen, and pictures of Johan van 't Hof and the Zwaluwen Patrol in 1965). Ed's latest material ('de oude doos') is now on-line (7 new images from Ed ... not all are great, but it's all part of the Athabascan heritage).

24 April, 2001 ? In response to a letter from Henk Siepel I have condensed some of my personal research into the origin of the name Athabascan. Details of this digression will be on the site in the near future, but a short abstract follows. Most of us are familiar with the geographic name Athabascan on Canadian maps, some of us have been there (I remember Gerard Warlee in the 1970's and recently Bart Tieland, July 2000). Some of us may be familiar with the ethnography of the North American Indians, in particular with the Na-Dene ensemble which includes the Athabascan language group and family. Athabascan is still spoken by Apaches and Navajo, Pacific Coast Athabascan groups and in Alaska (the northern Athabascan). However, the name Athabascan or 'Athapaskan' was not used by Athabascan speaking tribes, it was a term used by the Algonquian ensemble of North American Indians, the Cree, Cheyenne and particularly by the Blackfoot Indians (Boudreau, 1974). They used 'Athapaskan' to refer to 'the strangers that live in the north". The blackfoot are immigrants from the East. In the early nineteenth century, and until gathered upon reservations, they held most of the immense territory stretching from the southern headwaters of the Missouri, in Montana, almost to the North Saskatchewan, in Canada, and from about 105 W. longitude to the base of the Rocky Mountains. They are now settled on three reservations in the Province of Alberta, Canada, and one in Montana, US, being about equally divided between the two governments. The Atsina are also now settled in Montana, while the Sassi are in Alberta. This links in nicely with the distribution of the geographic names largely found in Alberta, British Columbia and Sakatchewan (e.g. Mount Athabasca, the Athabasca Pass and trail, the Athabasca Glacier, the Athabasca River and Valley, the Athabasca Falls, Athabasca, Lake Athabasca, Athabasca District/Region, Athabasca Oilshales or Athabasca tar sand deposits (see also Alistair MacLean's book "Athabasca", 1980). It appears that the Blackfoot are the name-givers and those speaking 'Athabascan' the name-bearers. Why these names were given and by whom is unclear. Were these Blackfoot names or were the names introduced by the white settlers. Perhaps the river was the first to bear the name Athabascan (this may have been used by local tribes), most other names are likely to be derivatives as settlers move in. However ... there is no such thing as the Athabascan tribe (they don't throw boomerangs either). Having established the origin of the name Athabascan we have to explain how it became the name of our Group. My theory is that anything Canadian (including Indians) were very popular in the years shortly after the war. The Canadians were our liberators, freed us from German occupation and the last Canadians left shortly before our group was formed (on the 31 May, 1946 the Canadian HQ in the Netherlands was closed). I had recently come to the conclusion that the name was picked from a Canadian map, perhaps Canadian soldiers had pointed out to old/founding-members were they came from. However Ad Vlaanderen informed me that one of the early members of our group (then Celliers) had read the name 'Athabascan' in a book he was reading. Until we have confirmed these details we won't give his name, but the most likely books read by boys at the time must have included the early Arendsoog titles and the books by Karl May. Arendsoog, as far as I know, does not refer to the name Athabascan, but in Winnetou II "Treasure of Nugget Mountain" we come accross the following line in Chapter 7 (The Attack on the Train): "Has my friend never heard of Paranoh, the fierce chief of Atabaskah [which in Dutch may have translated to Athabascan]? No one knows whence he came, but he is a mighty warrior, and was adopted by the red men in a council of the tribes. As the gray-haired men went to Manitou, he received the calumet of chieftainship, and has taken many scalps. Then he was beguiled by the wicked spirit, and treated his braves like slaves, and was cast out. Now he dwells in the councils of the Poncas, and will lead them to do great deeds. Winnetou has measured tomahawks with him, but this white man is full of knavery; he does not fight honorably." I have checked the full German text of Winnetou I, II and III, Old Firehand (which has the same lines as Winnetou II, but refers to Athabaskah, including the 'h'), and Old Surehand I, II and III (no references to Athabascan), 'der Schatz im Silbersee', 'der Sohn des Barenjagers' and 'der Schwartze Mustang' have no such references either. For German texts of Karl May try the Karl May Gesellschaft. Karl May had also collected Athabascan artifacts (now in the Karl May Museum). The name occurs a few more times. The quote also refers to Manitou (found in the popular Athabascan song 'Zacht zingt de zee'). Manitou (a pervasive [super natural] power), of course, is Algonquian (Blackfoot) and not Athabascan, the Athabascan equivalent would be the digi (Apache) or maxpe (Crow) or the sila of the Eskimos. If this is indeed the source of our name remains to be seen, but it must be something like that. Hopefully we can confirm this in the near future or, if I'm proven wrong, give the full account of where our name did come from and why it was chosen. Reference: Boudreau, N. J. (1974) "Athapaskans: Strangers of the North", National Museums of Canada, Ottawa, 208 pages. Comments please to Kees van Wessel. Other News: Ed has already located Renko de Beere. Great!

23 April, 2001 ? Two more issues of the Boemarang on the way. Issue 1/3 is now on-line and Issue 1/4 to follow soon. New name for the name hunters in Hilversum Renko de Beere. Ed found 'de oude doos' with a few more pics ... soon to go online and Dirk had some more material. You'll have to wait, perhaps a few days ... it's very busy just now! Also spotted Roy de Boer in the Guestbook in Hilversum ... 'die zwaluwen blijven viespeuken. Roy was hier in 1994 ... even een paar daagjes door de heuvels struinen met de OJK club en bij Wessel langs. Heel netjes natuurlijk ... maar als ik dat zo weer lees is er helemaal niets veranderd. 'Poep' dat kan toch niet, Ome Willem. Waar hebt dat nou voor nodig. Roy ... even contact opnemen aub'.

22 April, 2001 ? Ed's last 21 pictures are now online. This is a great series of shots taken during the 1968 Boerenkoolfuif in 'de bovenzaal' of the Diependaalse Kerk. Well worth a look as both cubs and scouts are there as well as some invited guests (old members). First material from Dirk Wieringa arrived this evening ... Wieringa Special commin' up! First few pictures on line soon! Also on the way some photo's from Ed's brother Robby Kam ... 'Loevenstein Kamp'. In Hilversum all's quiet, no messages in the book ... but, and I had forgotten about this, the list was updated on the 19th April. 339 members on the list (67% of known names). More to follow soon.

20 April, 2001 ? Ed's Spa-Francorchamps photo's from 1967 are now on-line. 'Boerenkoolfuif' photo's still to follow (got lost in hyperspace). All the 'Boerenkool fuif photo's have now arrived and they will go on line over the weekend. This series also contains the earliest photo's I've seen of myself in an Athabascan Uniform (1967/8?). Ed has just found 2 more old members ... Hubrecht Gresel and Pim Schol. Rudy Schouten may also be located over the next few days. Collected the few snaps from the weekend ... see below.

19 April, 2001 ? The full text of Issue 1/1 and Issue 1/2 of 'de Boemerang' are now on-line. Yesterday I received the last photo's from Ed (WaFeGoPa, Ommen 1967 and the Spa trip) ... the rest will be on the site soon. Today the first installment of Henk Siepel's Big Songbook (24 songs from Henk's collection). Another serialised contribution from Henk will be the full text of the first 21 issues of 'De Boemerang' (to follow soon). Also great to hear from Frans Wieringa ... welcome to the old boys club (pictures to follow). departure to the warmth of the 'Diependaalse Kerk' in 1965.

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