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e-Boomerang 2001 - Archief: 16 mei - 23 oktober 2001.

Door: Kees van Wessel
Dit is de 3e archief bladzijde van 'The Electronic Boomerang'. Het geeft een boeiend overzicht hoe één en ander begon en groeide. Het prille begin van Oudbruin. Alle links zijn verwijderd, maar het materiaal is hier en daar opgenomen in deze versie van Oudbruin-2.

23 October, 2001 ? (16:55) Marco ('Heuvel') has kindly added many names to faces on the Ed's Reunion Photograph pages. If you've seen them, look at them again (you may have to refresh). Further info always welcome, also from the young scouts ... if you recognise yourself drop me a line.

20 October, 2001 ? (20:40) The Istanbul and Holland pictures are now on-line for anyone interested in these digressions. I have also made a few amendments suggested by Ed and Hans on the updates of Ed's Reunion photographs.

19 October, 2001 ? (20:55) It's been a while ... but we're back with a few updates. I've updated Ed's Reunion photographs. All photo's have now been placed on proper pages and where possible I have added names and comments. Further comments (and names) are always welcome (please refer to the picture-code). Other photographs are avialable on the official Athabascan website and on the website of Hans van der Veen (includes pictures of Hans Wielinga, Wim van Beek, Cor Bartels, Bert van de Berg, Nico van Beek, Flip de Koning, Han van Baalen, Arthur van Ancum, Tiny van de Kolk-van Eyk, Arend Zwaan, Willem van Kampen and Dick Mol). I will also place some of the Istanbul photo's on line over the weekend ...

8 September, 2001 ? (18:50) Nik-Naks ... The story of Appie (Albert van Graphorst): Appie: "Argonauten-wandeltocht. Iedereen liep mee omdat ze mee moesten lopen. Ik dus ook, maar je doet wat om op te vallen. Maar wel allemaal in uniform, ik dus ook, maar had iets extra's ... een grote sigaar in m'n hoofd! De week erop werd ik ontboden bij het Districts-Hoofd. Moest in uniform verschijnen. In de houding en na een minuut of tien vond ik het welletjes en vroeg wat er aan de hand was. Nou ik kreeg me toch op m'n donder. Een zeer officiele waarschuwing dat als ik dat ooit nog eens zou doen dat zou hij er voor zorgen dat ik nooit, never, nimmer meer bij de scouting zou kunnen komen. En af naar huis ging Albert van Grafhorst weer." (bedankt Ed)

7 September, 2001 ? (20:12) A few images 'borrowed' from my brother Jan during the weekend. These were taken in the late 1950's during the building of the Celliers 'troephuis' on the Geitewei.

7 September, 2001 ? (09:30) That was fun ... well done organising committee and well done all old farts (no offence) for being there. Wez (that's Kees van Wessel for those who have lost the plot) is back. Just a quick draft preview of Ed's Reunion 2001 digipics. I have placed some 50 pictures online using the album generator in Photoshop. So no fancy pages, no comments and no nothing, just pictures and an index. Please note that there are also pictures (31) on the Athab website (reunion page). Thanks Ed for taking thousands of snaps on Sauturday.

21 July, 2001 ? (18:25) Just havin' a sherry ... I've added 20 more English songs to Henk Siepel's Big Songbook, mostly country and western, and there's plenty more to go.

19 July, 2001 ? (00:51) Thanks for the cable response folks ... half the Dutch army in Germany and a large part of the Dutch police force are now on allert. Henk sent 2 more Boemerangs and 2 issues of 'De Specht'. Boemerang 0/0 and 1/11 (both supplied by Harry) are now on-line. Issues of 'De Specht' are to follow. (later) Interesting little fact ... have you ever wondered why Henk Siepel is known as 'Meneer Siepel'. He explains: Men riep mij, en wellicht anderen, welleens aan met : "Hé". Ik had daaraan een hekel en antwoordde dan met: "Hé, is een afkorting van Henk of hengst. Dus als je mijn naam niet weet dan zeg je maar meneer." ... Dan krijg je dus een bijnaam. Mijn andere bijnaam was UITJE. De bekende verwijzing naar de Saksische betekenis van mijn achternaam. Thanks Henk ... it takes courage to admit to these facts. (later still) For those who read the Athab Guestbook ... the 1977 photo's of the Ourthe Valley and the Hotton Caves. We have also past the 1,000 visitor number ... hits, not different people. (11:42) Now on-line ... the first 2 issues of 'de Specht' from 1962. Thanks Henk! Are there other issues of de Specht out there, please let me know.

18 July, 2001 ? (12:56) Fairly quiet today (well yesterday), made good progress on the loft, but still plenty left to do. German Cables: I have placed an interesting item in the archaeology files. Henk you may be interested in this. It's a scan of 2 bits of cable that I recouvered from the the Hoorneboeg Troephuis in the late 1970's. I presume they're of German origin. Can anyone help with these ... communication experts, historians, archaeologists, engineers, whoever you are, please advice ... what were these cables used for?

17 July, 2001 ? (00:12) A large bundle (possibly 100 or so) of English songs just arrived from Henk Siepel ... great stuff. They will be added to Siepel's Big Songbook and the first 15 are on-line now (I was singing most of them when preparing the pages). RESPECT!

16 July, 2001 ? (09:25) Just a quick map with the locations of some of the Scouthalls in SE Hilversum (on special request of Ed). (10:10) Also ... try this one for size ... "Verkiezing Kampgek" Summercamp Arnhem 1974. I'm not sure if you want to see this. Anyway it's time to do some work folks ... (21:05) Latest photo's from Henk Siepel ... now on line. Material from his time in the Celliers, the Nautilus Drumband and the Albert Schweizer Group. So of you were a member of any of these groups in 1966/7, have a look ... we need your help.

14 July, 2001 ? (02:27) OK so it's late ... just wanted to finish this page with archive shots from around the Hoorneboeg. Found them on the loft this evening. They're not brilliant, but the give a fair impression of the area around the Hoorneboeg (e.g. Heide, 'Witte Duintjes', Eenzame Beuk, troephuis, 'het Behouden Huys', zwaluwenbrug, boswachterswoning etc). From the same film 'troephuizen and stamhutten' around Hilversum ... we need some help here! (11:38) I'm at it again ... Photo material from Jan (Remmert) van Offeren has arrived, largely from the Scout Summercamp in Vaassen (1974) (the one with the coffin and gallows), plus a few from the 'Districts Zwemwedstrijden' (possibly 1978/79 or 80). They will appear on the van Offeren Special page to follow later today (although not all pictures will be published today, perhaps a few). First 9 pictures our now on line (larger ones to follow). (11:40) Just uploaded some photo's from the Scout Summercamp in Arnhem (1977). Have a look over here ... 400x400's to follow! (they're now online + 2 extra shots). (14:21) If you find it a little noisy today ... The Museum of Flight's Festival of Flight 2001, accross de road from here, is currently in full swing ... Spitfires and Hurricanes, old bi-planes, Red-Arrows, Harrier Jump Jets and goodness knows what ... 13,000 people expected over the weekend (and you thought this was a quiet place). Of course all tickets were designed by Fortune Aid Design (moi).

13 July, 2001 ? (23:21) Friday, 13th and guess what ... got the samples in from Henny (Henkel Nederland) ... real 'Persil Emmertjes', so you better have a look folks! (23:23) I have not been very active on the site, but that doesn't mean that nothing is happening. I have spend the last week on the loft, sorting out some 150 boxes with books, archive and other material. This means that soon I will have access to all the Athabascan material I have, or can possibly lay my hands on, in this house. Already located a few Boemerangs from the 1970's, My Celliers investiture certificate, dated 12 January, 1963 and signed by Akela Hermsen. Also my 'Eerste Sterkaart' ... took me until 25 September, 1966 to complete all the tasks. Final entry signed off by Chil. More foto's and other stuff, including the files on the Scottish Athabascan Fieldtraining Division (SAFD) are to follow (Stephan and Fred look out for those snaps from 1982). (23:27)Jan van Offeren has also completed his photo hunt and he promised to send material this week ... let's hope he hasn't forgotten in this last week before his holidays. Otherwise we'll have to wait a little longer.

3 July, 2001 ? (23:10) Issue 2/10 and Issue 2/12 of the Boemerang are now on-line. Many thanks Henk ... the end is in sight, hopefuly including those issues from Harry. Henk has also sent me the cover of Winnetou 2 and the Dutch text of the section where the name Athabascan is first mentioned ... this will go online soon! (23:20) 2 Names appeared in the above issues of the Boemerang ... Wim Overdijkink (which may me Wim Overdink) and Chris van Gelder (which is not in the list).

30 June, 2001 ? Good to hear from Harry Wulffraat again, almost given up on him, he was abroad for a spell and is still very bussy with the GGASA project. Harry has offered to help out with missing Boemerang issues. The following issues are now located and will appear on the e-Boomerang in due time: Issue 0/0 Harry (not Henk); Issue 1/11 Harry (not Henk); Issue 2/6+7 Harry (not Henk); Issue 2/11 Harry and Henk (to follow); Issue 2/12 Harry (not Henk); Issue 3/1 Henk (not Harry) (to follow); Issue 3/2 Henk (not Harry) (to follow); Issue 4/1 Harry (not Henk) ... probably the very last in this series. Thanks Harry, much appreciated.

28 June, 2001 ? (18:28) Toch wel aardig van Mevrouw Hendriks ... "Geachte heer van Wessel, Allereerst danken wij u voor de belangstelling in onze Henkel-website. Naar aanleiding van uw vraag naar de afbeeldingen van de oude Persil emmertjes, kunnen wij u melden dat wij deze toe zullen sturen. Wij willen enkel graag van u weten of u hiervoor een adres in Nederland op wilt geven, of dat u liever heeft dat wij het naar uw adres in Schotland sturen. Zodra u ons dit laat weten, zullen wij de afbeeldingen zo spoedig mogelijk verzenden. We hopen u voldoende geïnformeerd te hebben. Met vriendelijke groeten, Henny Hendriks, Consumer Service Benelux". Ik heb dus maar even terug geschreven dat we dat enorm op prijs zouden stellen. Het betreft hier 1961/62 'Persil emmertjes' ... the real McCoy (I hope). Keep your eyes peeled. (00:35) Ed has asked me if I could place that 'filmpie' on line. I'm affraid it's only a few seconds, but these are the first moving pictures on the site ... cubs leaving the Diependaalse Kerk for a camp (early 1960's) ... (remember you can right-click on the link and 'save target as' to save the file to disk).

27 June, 2001 ? Scary stuff it's almost a week ago since the last entry, so here's a quick update. There has been no movement on the persil front ... there's a picture of a 'Persil Emmertje over here, so if you do recognise this, please let me know. Henk finaly managed to get a copy of 'Witte Veder'. He has read it from cover to cover, but there's no reference about Athabascan anywhere. Ed claims that he already knew this, and it is something I had already predicted, but at least Henk took the trouble to confirm this. Thanks Henk. He is now trying to get a copy of Winnetou II, which, I'm sure, makes reference to Atabascah (Athabascan) and 'Weisse Beber' (Witte Bever). His research will hopefully show that this is the book. He may also contact Arend Zwaan (our very first Akela in 1947), the person who came up with the name for our group. An interview with him will settle the question once and for all (I hope). Good luck Henk and the e-Boomerang is looking forward to an exclusive! Marco informed me that during the Reunion 2001 the e-Boomerang will be available for anyone in het Zakmes ... Great! Sorry Marco, I will write to you soon, don't worry.

21 June, 2001 ? Ed's Great Persil Search ... over here! Issue 2/10 of the Boemerang is now on-line. Henk has asked me if anyone knows wether issue 1/11, 2/6 and 2/7 were ever published. We are also looking for Boemerangs from before 1959 and after February, 1963. Please drop me a line. Spotted 'Il Longue' on the Athab website yesterday, looking forward to hear from him.

20 June, 2001 ? Issue 2/8+9 of the Boemerang is now on-line. I have also placed all the thumnails of the EDEPICS (ED's Electronic PICtureS) page on line. Larger pictures to follow From Marlies van Leersum in the Persil Factory: "Persil was in Nederland eigendom van Henkel KG. Persil is alleen in de UK en Frankrijk een Unilever-merk. Unilever heeft Persil in de UK en Frankrijk nooit in emmertjes op de markt gebracht. Meer informatie kan je waarschijnlijk vinden op de site van het Nederlands Reclame Archief ( maar deze site gaat pas op 28 juni de lucht in (op die datum vindt in Amsterdam ook de officiele opening van de site en aanbieding van de Digitale Gids Reclamecollecties Nederland plaats.) Succes!" Couple of new names to check out in Hilversum ... from Boemerang 2/8+9: Karel de Jong, Piet Boelhouwer, Eddy Bosman, Ad Nobels, Cor Prop?, en Robert Visser. New cubs in September 1962. I don't see them in the list!

18 June, 2001 ? Ed's mail-shot has paid off ... the 2 pictures from Chris Borra are now online. Does anyone know the real identity of the chap known as "Kaas" and can anyone confirm the camp-date (pinksteren, 1961) as I have no documents in the archive. Thanks Chris for those picture, perhaps you have others we could use! For a list of troop-members in 1961, see Who's Who.

17 June, 2001 ? Some of of our Paris impressions are now available on the Life-2001 page. Only 150x150 previews for the moment.

16 June, 2001 ? (well it's a few minutes past 12 anyway). Very little to report, very little happening, in fact I wonder what the hell I'm doing and for whom? ... is there anybody out there, apart from the usual 4-5 regulars? Do you not have any photographs or stories? Surely some of these 385 known and located Athabascan members will have something to say. Has nothing changed since 1961/62? 40 years ago the editors of de Boemerang were struggling to fill the next issue, 2001 and we still don't care about making a contribution. It's also interesting to see that those who did contribute in those days have contributed now! Thanks guys! Sent us your stuff ... The Boemerang Issue 2/1 is now on line ... followed by Issue 2/2 (01:40). And now I'm off to bed folks! Now also completed Issue 2/3 (18:21) and Issue 2/3+4 (20:02) Boemerang Issue 2/2 does contain a name that is not listed on the official list yet ... Sam Visch, check it out guys!

13 June, 2001 ? Small update on the cubscout premises sequence ... Jacobus Pennweg (17/19) (October? 1947 to June? 1959) ...12 years. Jacobus Pennweg 17 was only used for a short while, the cubs then moved to 19 (according to Hans van der Veen's interview with Gert Cloo). Hans also notes that the Centuurbaan 18 wasn't realy used as a base for the cubscouts, but they may have used the site for activities. The members-list in Hilversum has been updated ... 385 (72%) a few days ago. The Boemerang Issue 1/12 is now on line ... Sorry Henk, all a little slow, that's work related!

3 June, 2001 ? Few new names to be checked out ... in Boemerang 1/10 (now on line) we find 2 new 1961 cubscout members Tonny Veerman and Jan van Breevoort.

1 June, 2001 ? OK ... Wez is back after a great time in Paris, but more about that later. Henk has been bussy ... I received 5 more issues of the Boemerang and the first of these, the lost Issue 1/7 is now on line. Page 1 and 12 are missing (can anyone out there help out?). The members-list in Hilversum has also been updated recently ... 376 (71%) ... and the second Reunion letter has gone out to some 300 old members. Latest news ... Ed's back!

17 May, 2001 ? OK, so I didn't tell the truth ... 2 issues of the Boemerang just in. Issue 1/8 and 1/9, with 7 lost in outer space. These issues were specially re-typed by Henk Siepel ... respect! A few interesting snippets about early issues of 'de Boemerang' are found in Issue 1/8. An 'old member' tells us that in de Boemerang of 5 March, 1949 reference is made to the fact that the first issue appeared almost a year before (around 19 March, 1948). It didn't make its second year. Copy dried up and the editorial team was young. In the same article we read that at the time two patrol newsletters "de Zwaluw" and "de Arend" produced enough material to create an 8 page troop newsletter which later became 'de Boemerang'. There is also an explanation for the name. Part of the money that was paid for the 'de Boemerang', and also for books borrowed from the troop-library, was returned to the boys in the form of camp-fees. Does anyone have 1948/1949 issues of "de Boemerang" or issues of "de Arend" or "de Zwaluw" (these may go back to 1947), please contact me. Thanks Henk! The members-list in Hilversum was updated today ... but still 368 members on the list (70% of the 522 known names). Before I go just a few of Ed's digital images on the EDEPICS (ED's Electronic PICtureS) page. There will be more, possibly all, for reference. These images show some of the Athabascan sites in and around Hilversum as they are in 2001.

16 May, 2001 ? We're going to be away for a while ... Marjo and I are off to Paris for a week and Ed and his wife will be off to some warm Island in the Med. I will therefor not update this website until after our holidays (1st June). You're welcome to send email, photo's and other material, but I will not be able to answer until we're back. See you all after the break ...

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